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Momma's Boy The Play, Review.

By: Paige K. Mitchell Momma's Boy The Play has been on tour for the past few months, making stops at several major cities to present the broadway on stage presentation of real life issues and circumstances. Priest Tyaire presented, "Momma's Boy" the play to the city of Pittsburgh on Tuesday September 26, 2017 at the Benedum Theatre downtown, PA. The play began promptly at 7:30pm. The star studded cast consisted of Johnny Gill, Robin Givens, Nephew Tommy, Dawn Robinson, Anthony Brown, Jackee, Shirley Murdock, and Gary Lil' G. The plot of the play circulated around the question; what happens when a mother holds onto her son for too long? The story took place in a small knit town. The two main characters were Aaron and Autumn, who were both Police Officers. The two fall in love, but Autumn and her sons fall on hard times and lose their home. She then moves in with her boyfriend, Aaron. This is where the awkward chain of events begin. Aaron is left to figure out how to parent his birth son, step sons, and how to cut the cord between him and his mother because he is a Momma's Boy himself. The audience seemed to particularly enjoy Johnny Gill and Nephew Tommy. Women were up out of their seats for both actors. Women nearly fainted during Johnny Gill's performance. Anthony Brown took us to church when he hit the stage singing his hit gospel songs from his album. Every hand in the audience was raised. The play did not sell out, however around 400-500 attended.

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