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Beautiful Boss in The Beauty Biz! #DallasSauers

By: Paige K. Mitchell "When I I feel I look great, I can conquer the whole day like a BOSS!" -- Dallas Sauers, owner of Dallas Beauty Lounge said. What started as a "first job" when Dallas was 14 years old, was the initial start of her lifetime career path before she even knew it. 26-year-old Dallas Sauers is the owner of one of the city's hottest and cutest salons, Dallas Beauty Lounge. Dallas said, "My favorite part of owning my own business is a toss up between two things. 1. The ability to provide a career to other women who never felt like this business could be lucrative enough to be a "real" career! This biz can get the stereotype of being a "part-time, low-education, lazy-person's" job.. but not here! All of my stylists LOVE their craft and chose this career path and I am happy I can provide the environment to grow their careers. 2. I love the connections I make with our clients. Many many clients have turned into friends, and not just for me! They celebrate our birthdays, baby showers and weddings with us and often bring us such thoughtful gifts! Seriously our clients ROCK!" There are a total of 19 employees within the salon, including Dallas. Not only are the employees gorgeous, but the salon is as well; draped in classic chandeliers, pink hair dryers , and more. Not to mention, Dallas decorated the salon herself! Dallas said, " I didn't always know I wanted to own a salon, but I come from a family of entrepreneurs so I feel like it was in my blood already! My parents have always worked harder than anyone I know, but also gave them flexibility to be with us as kids. I knew I wanted that! During my college years, I definitely knew I didn't want to end up in my major- PR & Advertising. I don't do well with a structured schedule & deadlines." Her father unfortunately lost his business in 2004 to natural disaster, Hurricane Ivan. "We lost everything due to the hurricane. And there was a salon near my house that I could literally walk to, and would hire someone so young. So there it began, and I worked there for 7 years all the way through high school and college. The summer before my senior year of college I dropped out to open a salon in my house and progressed from there. Now I'm going on 13 years in the beauty biz, 4 years as a Master Educator, and over 5 as a business owner!" --Dallas said. This young woman has accomplished so much despite various struggles, but on top of everything she is also a mother and engaged! How does she do it?! "Balancing work & everyday life is definitely a challenge. I'm a new mom and still figuring it out but what has been the best part is how helpful my staff is while I'm not in the salon. I do nails 3 days a week and have office hours the rest of the week, answering emails, inventory, payroll etc. so it helps to organize my time. But I never forget to DATE my fiancé.. we still have weekly date nights along with our family time. And Dallas continued, It's important not to lose sight of a relationship even when you're busy!" Usually the busiest days at Dallas Beauty Lounge, are the days they stay open late; which are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Dallas also specializes and specifically focuses on nails. She says nails are her favorite thing to do. Dallas said, "Our salon is first and foremost known for our nail art techniques, something I brought to the Pittsburgh area when I opened. But as we expanded into other services in the years after, my overall idea was to employ stylists who were not the jack of all trades and the master of none. I wanted each employee to be the master of their craft. In many salons there are hair stylists who also do lashes, or nails, or waxing, etc. But here, our stylists have perfected their trade and continue to build on it, instead of spending split time in multiple areas. It was a risky idea because many stylists like to be diverse like that because it can be lucrative, but I believe it's more lucrative to hone in on one thing and you'll build your brand that way!"

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