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Let's Be Unstoppable Together! #TheSmiths #LoveStory

By: Paige K. Mitchell Devin and Tess! A loving beautiful couple that lights up hundreds of faces each day, every time they upload and give some serious cuteness with their public display of affection (PDA). Many of us have liked their photos, admired the captions, and watched the proposal on YouTube. And personally, I have been very captivated by their love story, and was intrigued to interview them. During the interview, we dove straight in to the juicy topics. Take a listen... "Devin asked me out on the first date. Our first date was actually at Applebee's for late night ice cream. He had went to prom earlier that evening. Afterwards, we decided to get together for ice cream. And we just sat there and talked. After that I would say that we definitely had a mutual liking and attraction to one another," Tess said. Before linking up for their first date, the two became friends on Facebook. They also lived in the same neighborhood, practically on the same street during their childhood and had no knowledge of each other. "We knew a lot of the same people. I had classes with his older sister in grade school, his mother was actually really close friends with a friend of my moms. Then in High School I had classes with a few of his cousins and friends. With all this, somehow we never crossed paths (lol)," Tess said. But when the two finally crossed paths... Devin was struck by Cupid. Devin said, "I proposed to Tess on her 27th birthday, which made it easy to surprise her. I knew I was ready to marry her when I realized that I couldn't live without her; when I knew my life had progressed when she came into it. I didn't want anyone to ever feel the feelings that she gave me. I honestly planned out the big day of the proposal by myself. I had some pointers on YouTube from us watching so many engagement videos together (lol)...But other than that. It was all me." Months before the proposal, Tess had fallen in love with a ring that she had shown to Devin. Devin admits that the ring was a little pricey and outside of his budget, but he still made it happen and purchased the ring she wanted. Tess said she genuinely had no idea Devin was planning to propose. Which made it all the more special. The two will get married on May 8, 2018 in Mexico, where they will officially become Mr. And Mrs Smith! They are excited for their week long celebration of love alongside their close family members and friends. "It works because we are friends first and foremost. We are literally best friends. I say things to him that most girls would just tell their girlfriends (lol), and vice Versa. We're so much alike but yet so different at the same time; which causes us to bump heads sometimes. And in this generation people give up so easily. We're both so very stubborn and hate to give up easily, so it works!"-- Tess said. The two also opened up to tell us their secret on how to keep a relationship fun and fresh! Tess and Devin keep open minds to trying new things and adventures together. They also do cool things with their group of friends. "The top 3 things I love about my fiancé is her personality, loyalty, and ability to be so compassionate," Devin says. In a world full of Love & Hip Hop relationships, Devin and Tess stay true to one another. They do not allow the negativity formulated from television and social media to come between them. "Don't feed into the negativity, or criticisms. It's going to be hard as hell, I mean every relationship goes through it. But that's what makes you realize just how much two people are willing to put in equal effort to make it work. Don't give up," Devin said. Congrats Tess and Devin! We love the love that show for one another. Cheers to love ! Fun Fact: The two dated for 4 years before becoming engaged. And dated for 5-6 months before becoming a couple.

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