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Media Magic w/ Celebrity Stylist, Sonita Bell! #SonitaDesigns

By: Paige K. Mitchell “I believe styling is a God given gift,” Sonita Bell said. Celebrity Stylist, Sonita Bell is a full-time entrepreneur pushing her business to new heights as she styles women from all over the world. “I create a unique look for each and every one of my clients. While also providing a private shopping experience in my showroom and image consulting,” Sonita said. Sonita Bell is a Pittsburgh native. Born and raised on the Northside. However, she did spend some of her childhood in Marietta, Georgia. Sonita launched ‘Sonita Designs’ in 2005, but decided to take a leap of faith and left her full time job in May of 2015 to solely pursue a world of fashion; after many years of juggling the two. She decided that she wanted to devote all her time and attention to her passion for fashion. “I don’t take this career choice lightly. My goal styling my clients is to make them feel confident so that they can excel in the career path God has destined for them. I truly don’t base my styling on trends. A part of styling is creating the trend. I love classic looks, but I will throw a trendy piece with it. But truly, it all depends on the client. Some clients like trendy looks and I will accommodate. I consider myself an artist, and the client is the canvas. Fashion is a way I express myself, and how I contribute to the lives of others. It’s s ministry in which I serve others,” Sonita said. Sonita’s showroom is located in Monroeville. She has a series of regular clients who have been coming to her for years for her fashion expertise. Sonita said, “My very first client was Markila ‘Ki Ki’ Sherman. Ki Ki is a singing artist. We met through a mutual friend. I styled her for a singing gig about six years ago, and recently had the privilege to style her for her wedding. I have watched her journey. I am extremely proud of her.” Sonita says that she is a fan of all sorts of shopping. She enjoys shopping malls, thrifting, international, and even garage sales. Hidden gems can be found anywhere! “The main challenge as a stylist can sometimes be getting to know the new client and their needs. Styling starts on the inside/out. The client has to learn to trust me and the process, and that can sometimes be hard for them to do,” Sonita said. Sonita says her mentor is J. Bolin. She also gave us the inside scoop of what trend she is loving right now. “One of my favorite trends right now is the amazing sleeping bag dresses and suits!” Sonita said. To learn more about Sonita designs and if your looking for a personal stylist or help keeping up with what’s fabulous; follow her on social media @sonitasdesigns. Fun Fact: Sonita is big on prioritizing her schedule accordingly. God first, family second and then business (third). She also goes over her schedule with her husband to assure that it works for them.  

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