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What Happens Backstage, Stays Backstage! #PressPassWithPaige

By: Paige K. Mitchell Sometimes the funniest things take place back stage of concerts. Keep reading to find out what happened to me during the WAMO 100 Fall Fest Concert, starring Lil’ Wayne. The night of the WAMO 100 Fall Fest was a very long day for all WAMO Staff. We had to promote, work remote locations, broadcast live at the venue, administer sound checks, and more! It was definitely over an 8 hour shift. And of course to make matters even worse, Lil’ Wayne didn’t hit the stage until about 11:30pm after the crowd had been waiting for hours (ugh). You know how celebrities love to be fashionably late. But in the mean time and in between time, there were several other opening acts. I went backstage to meet with the WAMO 100 radio Personalities and to meet Chevy Woods and Loody of Taylor Gang before they hit the stage. When I got backstage, I was instantly hit with the overwhelming smell of marijuana. It even seemed as though everyone backstage was under the influence (lol). I briefly met a couple of the artist and stayed backstage to get photos and video during the Taylor Gang performances. I was having a good time until all of the sudden I felt myself having to go to the bathroom, and I’m not talking #1 (smh). There were absolutely no bathrooms backstage other than the bathrooms in the celebrity backstage dressing rooms. I had to go really bad and I knew trying to scramble through the crowd of hundreds of people was a bad idea. So I decided to sneak into the dressing room of Chevy Woods while he was on stage with his entourage and handled my business. I got done just in time that nobody noticed a thing (lol). And I made sure I sprayed! Backstage chronicles.  

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