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‘If You Would Just See Me!’ By Alice Washington

By: Paige K. Mitchell Alice Washington is now officially a published author and loving every minute of it! “Initially when I had the idea to write a book about my life, I wanted to write one just for me and then I was going to read it and then burn it. But my husband convinced me otherwise, and now long story short... I’m an author,” Author, Alice Washington said. Mrs. Washington’s book is entitled, ‘To be seen is to be understood: If You Would Just See Me!’ It took around four years of consistency and tedious work that led up to the moment of the book being complete. She worked on the book alone with the help of some of her mentees and fellow writing friends in a group called, Shut Up and Write. Her husband and children didn’t even preview the book before it was published. She decided to take that leap of faith, and put the book out there for everyone at the same time. In the book Mrs. Washington dives into the deep details of her journey through life with love, childhood, relationships, parenting, and more. While also leaving some inspiration along the way, with her nuggets of wisdom. Such as; share your time and lend your ear and(or) reach back and help someone who is going through something that you have overcome. Mrs. Washington said, “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Psalms 31:5.” Fun Fact: Alice Washington has her first interview ever with @FrontPaigeMe and she was very nervous. I’m sure she has more interviews to come.

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