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First Blog Of 2018! #PressPassWithPaige

By: Paige K. Mitchell HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today is page 1 of a 365 page chapter in your life! New Years is typically always an adrenaline rush, because many people have a lot on their minds about what they want to accomplish, goals, and New Year’s Resolutions! We often become so overwhelmed, that many people do not follow through with it; because they didn’t properly plan it out. In 2018, we need to be proactive about our goal setting! Get a plan, and strategically put that plan in place. Here are a few tips on how to spend January 1, 2018. - Create a To•Do List - Make a Vision Board - Journal - Get a planner and USE IT - Start Off fresh with a new 2018 calendar - Map Out a weekly schedule for yourself -Create deadlines These are all a few things that I personally use to have a better handle on my schedule, and it helps me physically see that I am accomplishing my goals and fulfilling my tasks. I started creating vision boards a couple years ago, and I made my vision board for 2018 today. Before doing so I looked over my previous vision boards, and I saw much growth in myself; and how the boards are the same but yet so different every year. I encourage you to try out one of these strategies if you need help with staying on track. And I pray that you all have a fabulous 2018!  

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