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The Blueprint To Building Clientele, by Larissa Lane. #BookReview

By: Paige Mitchell The Blueprint To Building Clientele, authored by Larissa Lane is now available for purchase! Larissa Lane is not only an author, but also a Hair Stylist and Teacher. This is her first publication which was also self published. She felt the need to publish this informative book to help those who are looking for guidance within clientele building, clientele retention, branding & advertising, intentional goal setting, scheduling, building techniques, pricing, and consistency. “Building clientele in any industry is hard and it usually takes years to do so. The Blueprint is cutting out that time by giving you real solutions that allows you to build clients and keep them in a faster way,” Ms. Lane said. This book offers real solutions and real techniques; within 13 chapters. An example of a technique entrepreneurs and those implementing #TheBlueprint can use is setting, S.M.A.R.T. Goals. •Specific •Measurable •Achievable •Relevant •Timely The book is a one-on-one 5 Star experience with Ms. Lane herself! She provides opportunities for you to reflect and research the tactics she is encouraging you to take on, and you fill in the blanks along the way. Define your brand. What do you do? What do you represent? Ms. Lane felt the need for the reader to have the opportunity to only read the book but use it as a notebook and tool along their journey of becoming an extreme boss. “It’s important that we live everyday with intention,” Ms. Lane said. Ms. Lane graduated from Beauty School in 2009 and has grown extremely in her career. From a $44.00 paycheck, having to pick up a second job, and switching salon locations, she continues to evolve within her career and is ready to share what she learned with the world. She dedicated this book to her parents Samantha & Lamont Lane, Fellow Boss and mentor Chelsea Glover, and all those serving within their select industries. “I’m excited about what else is in store. Nothing can stop God’s plans for me,” Ms. Lane said.

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