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Put On Blast At Robin Thede! #PressPassWithPaige

By: Paige K. Mitchell It’s your girl @FrontPaigeMe coming at you with another episode of, Press Pass With Paige! I love doing these stories so much, because they are not your typical news-Media Coverage stories. They are honestly packed with humor jaw-dropping moments, that no one can ever anticipate; and I love every minute of it! But on this episode let’s chat about what happened while I was in New York covering one of BET’s newest shows, The Rundown with Robin Thede. Everything was going great. I walked straight into the CBS recording studio and was escorted to the waiting room with televisions and vending machines. I had to wait for over an hour, but that was cool because I was very comfortable. I felt like VIP. I stayed in the waiting room until a BET representative came and got me to take me to the live studio. Before I took my seat I had to speak with staff about not asking Robin Thede any wild crazy questions, and had to sign some paperwork. After that was all said and done, I went into the audience to choose my seat. I decided to sit in the middle in the back row, directly in front of the DJ Booth. Seats were quickly filling up. People were flooding in, awaiting for the show to begin. I was having a great time talking to the people next to me and enjoying the music; but in the back of my head I’m wandering when and what time this brief interview opportunity was going to take place. The producer starts counting down, and announces that there are ten minutes to showtime. At this point I’m starting to think I basically got played, and wasn’t going to be able to conduct the interview. Then all of the sudden Robin runs out from behind stage with a robe on and slippers and a microphone in hand ready to take 2-3 Interview questions before taping. I was instantly put on spot and had to stand up right there in front of the entire audience and staff to ask my question. I was so nervous. I asked her about her upbringing and what gift did she first discover she had. Robin Thede Said, “The funny thing is, for a long time my mother thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t speak at all until I was two. I mean, I didn’t say a word. I didn’t have a first word, I had a first sentence. Because randomly one day, I went into the kitchen and asked my mom for a glass of water. And ever since, I haven’t stopped talking (laughter).” Robin was so funny and down to earth. She made me feel comfortable, because honestly I was sweating bullets under my fur coat. That day I learned a valuable lesson to always be ready in the world of media. When they say showtime, be ready to perform! But the bummer was, the staff told us that we had to turn our phones completely off (not vibrate, not silent, OFF) before the interview took place, so I acquired absolutely no footage or recording (smh). I’m not following the rules next time.  

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