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Run Home to Watch The Rundown with Robin Thede on BET!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Why you need to make sure you watch, ‘The Rundown With Robin Thede!’ Live audience member Veronica Winston said, “I recently stopped watching the news because I got to a point where I literally could no longer take it. The news is an overload of negativity, with an extra dash of vinegar and salt. But Robin Thede knows how to keep you in the social-political loop, educates, and makes you laugh the whole way. I’m here for it!” BET’s the Rundown with Robin Thede is another reason why we know television is changing for the better. The show was voted to be one of the funniest late night talk shows in 2018. Robin Thede is in friendly competition with shows such as; The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee but she somehow still manages to have her own unique style. The Rundown is distinctive, witty, funny, and unforgettable! And Robin Thede is so unapologetically Black. Even the design of the show setup/stage is made up of powerful Black leaders and game changers, handpicked by Robin Herself. The show is headline ripped with laughs, and the script is packed with political-trendy captivating news. Live studio audience member Nicholas Payne said, “Robin is funny and so gorgeous. She seemed so cool and easy to talk to. I’m going to tell all my friends to tune in.” So if you haven’t already, be sure to tune in and support Black television. Besides you don’t want to miss another epic national TV wig snatch by Robin herself.  

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