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Total Request Live Media Coverage, Pt. 2!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Total Request Live> Pt. 2 #StoriesByPaigeMitchell takeover took place AGAIN January 31, 2018! Lights, camera, action, and backstage behind the scene chronicles takes place again in the heart of NYC in Times-square. Hundreds began to gather at Viacom at 2:30pm for a chance to be selected as a member of the live studio audience for TRL. People of several nationalities and backgrounds, ages 16 and up, lined up in 27 Degrees weather to be live on MTV. The security guards and TRL staff opened the doors around 3:45pm to start letting people in. About 80-125 people attend each live taping. The TRL MTV studio is extremely big. Each TRL host has their own dressing room, wardrobe consultant, and makeup artist. TRL rotates between four different hosts on each episode. This particular day I was there, DC Young Fly and DJ Amy Pham hosted the show. Live studio audience participant, Nia Jenkins said, “Today was my first time visiting TRL, and my favorite part was seeing the behind the scenes with all the cameras staff and Breaks in between commercials. You get to see what really happens.” This show’s special guest were Bailee Madison, Naya Rivera, and Marteen. Naya talked about fame and parenthood while Bailee talked about her new movie ‘The Strangers’ and book ‘Losing Brave.’ The audience loved Bailee, she opened up about her relationship with Alex Lange, shared starburst, and took selfies. The topics of the show circulated around; Kim & Kanye, Diddy, Celebrity rumors, fashion, and played games with the guest. Marteen hit the stage and performed Sirracha. DJ Amy Pham said, “I love working at TRL. I get dolled up everyday with my glam squad and get to work with fun people everyday. I love it. The energy is awesome daily.” Fun Fact: Bailee talked about how her boyfriend was M.I.A. for an entire day because he was trying to surprise her with a song that he wrote about her. And I had the opportunity to talk about Kim Kardashian on live television!  

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