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Black Mental Health Matters!

At Adaptive Behavioral Services, Inc. (ABS) we understand the challenges youth undergo on a day to day basis. Today’s youth often struggle with fear, depression, trauma, bullying, sexuality, violence, peer pressure, and more. This is an issue that needs to be tackled and dealt with immediately with the use of proper techniques and procedures, because statistics have reached alarming new heights in reference to bullying, violence, and drugs within our communities and in the lives of our youth. Which is why Adaptive Behavioral Services, Inc. has launched “Sport Balance” > an innovative and engaging clinical approach for students who want to “Unleash The Potential” that exists inside of them. It’s all about exposing the student to experience mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical activities to increase focus; which can lead to improvement in their ability to have a balanced and productive mindset. The “Sport Balance” initiative focuses on students ages 12-18 whom experienced negative situations;,that have resulted in low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, or the inability to focus. This initiative works on the principle that a person achieves focus by practicing behavior modification that encompasses a variety of areas that consist of; socialization, brain-training games, developing healthy habits, and more. We at ABS encourage “Sport Balance” because life is full of challenges. Overcoming adversity is key to achieving the potential that exist in each of us. Call and sign up today. Registration for “Sport Balance” has already begun. Interested parties can register by simply calling (412) 244-0379 or (412) 661- 7790. For more information on ABS services, visit our website  

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