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Wig Falls Off During Interview! #PressPassWithPaige

By: Paige Kendra Mitchell I love having the opportunity to interview and meet so many different people on a weekly basis! It’s such a blessing and an honor to sit and chat with so many geniuses of the world, but as I have previously shared... sometimes the craziest-funniest things happen right in the middle of Media Coverage. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with a young woman for an interview at the Pittsburgh radio station, WAMO 100. Aside from recording audio, I also go live and use the tool of social media to connect with others during the course of the interview. But the interesting thing about going “live” is that it provides people with the real raw behind the scenes experience of what really happens at the scene of an interview. So during this particular interview segment, I could tell something wasn’t quite right about myself. Something just did not feel right in comparison to when the interview started 20 minutes prior. But I played it cool and kept proceeding with interviewing the guest, hoping that everything was ok. Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe I’m tripping. I wrapped up the interview about 20 minutes later, and logged out of social media. We went live on Facebook and Instagram. But once the interview concluded and I touched my hair, I realized the unthinkable... My wig was falling off! It was practically pushed to the back of my head and ready to fall off and hit the floor by the end of the interview! The guest didn’t say anything, but I’m sure she noticed that my hair line was shifting (lol)! It was so hard to not scream, or make a weird face when I realized that my wig wasn’t cooperating. But I just smiled, and laughed; while telling myself to be cool (lol). After I walked her out and escorted her to the elevator, trying to play it cool and holding my hand on my head as if I was posing for a major magazine photo shoot, I quickly ran into the bathroom to fix it! Too funny! I’m just happy it didn’t totally fall off and hit the floor! FYI: I’m NOT saying who I was interviewing, but I wander if she recalls this incident (ha ha)!  

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