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The Casey Crew Live!

By: Paige K. Mitchell “Me and my wife decided to start this podcast randomly out of no where, and we had no idea it would take off the way that it did. Gia and I are out here going through ups and downs and typical relationship stuff like everyone else, and we enjoy sharing our stories with other couples in hopes that it helps somebody,” DJ Envy Said. Sunday April 15, 2018 the ‘Casey Crew’ took over the Highline Ballroom in New York City. The dynamic duo took the stage to have an open dialogue about love, sex, family, relationships, and the recent incident at their home where they were burglarized. The beautiful but very transparent couple, talk about it all. They kicked off the live podcast with showing the audience surveillance footage of the person who robbed their home, and DJ Envy told everyone how they lost $700K In jewelry. The robber had a little over 30 minutes to ransack the bedroom of the couple and left with practically all of Gia’s jewelry! No one has been taken in to custody for this heinous act, however the Casey Crew is moving forward with suing ADT! Yes- (the security company) for glitches in the system that they are aware exist but refused to tell customers. DJ Envy Said, “Did you know that you can Google how to break into a home under an ADT system without being detected?” Because of this glitch the robber was able to successfully get into the home and maneuver around without being detected. The robber was caught by their daughter when she walked into the home and seen him. The robber assumed the Casey family was on vacation due to recently posted vacation pictures on Instagram- but the family trip was over and they were all back in New Jersey. “We kept this a secret for about a month because of legal obligations but now we are telling everyone about the robbery and F*%# ADT,” DJ Envy Said. The robbery was so well thought out that someone even hacked into the ADT system and changed the emergency contact phone numbers of the account, so that if the alarm did go off the robber would be contacted... crazy right? They proceeded the live podcast show with taking questions from the audience about love and sex. A woman wanted to know how to make time for romance with her partner when balancing motherhood, school, and being a teacher. “You just got to make to happen. Make time for your spouse. There were times my husband and I had to make the best out of five minutes while the baby was sleep (lol),” Gia said. RIP Michaels from Wild N’ Out was the comedian and host throughout the evening. And the crowd loved him. Fun Fact: DJ Envy says he been shooting the club up, trying to get Gia pregnant. He wants another kid!  

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