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13th Annual Hip-Hop Conference At CalU Review!

By: Paige K. Mitchell The 13th Annual Hip- Hop Conference took place at the California University of Pennsylvania Friday April 27, 2018, starring special guest and keynote panelist Charlamagne The God and Leon Ford. The conference began with a panel of five different musical influencers. The panel consisted of producers , DJs, musicians, videographers, writers, and rappers. Interesting enough, one of the panelist was a college dropout- now speaking at a college conference. However, the panel was quite interesting as they tackled real life questions and speculation. “Use college as an opportunity to network with other like minded people. And remember that opposition is a test, but don’t fail,” rapper My Favorite Color Said. “Chase what’s going to make you happy no matter what. My 9-5 position at the bank is used to pay my bills, and my 6-12 DJing is used to fulfill my passion. Grind and chase your dreams no matter what,” DJ Solo Dolo Said. Followed after the first panel, Best Selling Author - Radio Personality On The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne The God, and Activist -Police Brutality Survivor, Leon Ford took a seat at the table to talk about racism, activism, parenting, pop culture, and Hip Hop. It was Charlamagne and Leon’s first time meeting and hearing one another’s stories. Charlamagne enjoyed Leon so much that he is looking into bringing him on the Breakfast Club as a guest for another opportunity to tell his story. As expected Charlamagne continues to be true to his infectious character and jaw dropping personality. He kept the students intrigued and at the end of their seat. Charlamagne and Leon suggested several good reads to the students, while Leon also made a major announcement that he will be soon be running for office. “When you see my name on the ballet make sure you vote for me,” Leon Ford said. “Something I will take away from this conference and meeting my brother Leon Ford is to keep ourselves in check. Be knowledgeable and informed with what’s going on around you. And ask yourself are you doing things for your ego or for your spirit,” Charlamagne Said. This event was organized by Professor Kelton Edmonds-who teaches African American studies on the CalU campus.

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