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‘The Lovers Lyfe’ Series On Its Way To National Television.

By: Paige Mitchell  Everyone enjoys a TV show that encompasses ups, downs, and a heart wrenching love story. ‘The Lovers Lyfe’ is a new up and coming television series that was filmed in Pittsburgh. The series is starring Pittsburgh Native, Nina Brooks - CEO of CEP Productions. In this television series, the story of Nina Brooks unfolds as we navigate through Nina’s journey as a young single parent, losing her mother to cancer, working in a night club, the beginning of her romance with Christopher ‘Chris’ Perry, and more. The filming and production of ‘The Lovers Lyfe’ pilot finalized in February and the wrap party took place on March 2nd. “The Lovers Lyfe is based on a book that I wrote and was copyrighted a few years back. As I was writing, I had the idea to turn it into a television series. Later, my life partner Chris reached out to Mr. J. Wright, who is a producer in LA. We ended up flying out to meet with him for a brainstorming session and decided to take a leap of faith to write, produce, and fund this project,” Brooks said. Emmy Award winning film director Emmai Alaquiva filmed the pilot. The cast and crew was a collective spotlight of talent from Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. Actress, Christina Cooper who plays in hot TV show ‘Dear White People’ plays the lead as Nina Brooks. Brooks said, “I want Nina and Chris to become household names.” Something that makes this story even more unique is that Brooks reconnected with Chris after over 20 years-who she feels is her forever life partner and she is now successful, Happy, making a six figure salary, and eager to share her story with the world through television media. There are no set dates at this time for the series to debut to television. However, they are in the process of pitching to networks and moving forward.

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