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BET Awards Inside Scoop! #Exclusive

By: Paige K. Mitchell The BET Awards have taken place in Los Angeles, California for 16 years! For 16 years Hollywood has been the home, stomping ground, and heart of the BET Awards. But will this change... Whispers quietly circulated backstage during the BET Awards 2018 on Sunday June 24th, about how the location is up for negotiation. The BET Network is contracted with the L.A. Live campus, and the contract is surprisingly coming to an end; all while BET Network Chairman & CEO, Debra Lee is preparing to officially resign. Since 2013 the BET Experience, Festival, and Awards has taken place in Los Angeles with L.A. Live. An authorized representative spoke on the matter backstage of the awards on Sunday night. The representative confirmed that management is strongly considering making changes after Debra Lee leaves. “They don’t want to renew. Now that Debra Lee is no longer going to be with BET.” (It is important that the representative stays anonymous, but this statement was quoted) Celebrities, staff, entertainment, etc. are not thrilled about this news. Many feel that the awards should continue to be in L.A. because it is the Hub for entertainment. It makes it easier for celebrities to attend/maneuver their schedule, while attending other engagements/meetings, and most celebrities reside in L.A. as well. BET is now taking a serious look at moving the BET Awards 2019 to Atlanta, Houston, Austin, or Las Vegas. The BET Awards was held in Las Vegas in 2001. So the question remains, where will the BET Awards be next year and who will be taking over Debra Lee’s former position? The contract and decisions on this matter will be under review within the next couple months. Will there be a contract extension, or contract termination?  

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