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The Fancy Finance Coach, Marsha Barnes!

By: Paige K. Mitchell For years money has been such a ‘touchy’ topic. In the midst of girls night we talk about guys, fashion, parties, work, etc. but don’t really discuss savings plans or benefit packages. Think about it... Do you know your friends credit scores, or how much they owe in school debt, how they are maintaining rent/mortgage? Marsha Barnes is dedicated to finding the answers to these questions because she is the money arranging and changing- guru! “I’m committed to meeting you wherever you are on your finance journey,” Marsha said. This beautiful and incredibly smart woman knows how to help people get their finances tight and right! “Invite friends to your place instead of going out all the time. Plan a date night dedicated to spending time with your dollars & create a weekly or monthly spending plan. Always stick to your shopping list- these are examples of how you can impact your spending,” Marsha said. The Finance Bar was born based off of my desire to provide financial resources and guidance in a creative and non-judgemental way. While offering private 1 on 1 coaching for singles and couples. There is also a members club available, and the Mobile Finance Boutique (the Bus) that pops up in different cities. Marsha said, “Disrupt the despair that continues to hold you back.” The Finance Bar wants their clients to start living the financial lifestyle they have always wanted. “Always remember life happens. If you attempt to save $500 this month, but get a flat tire it’s okay because you still have $400. Push through your obstacles,” Marsha said. Fun Fact: Marsha Barnes recently visited Pittsburgh for the first time during a invitation only Shayla Hawkins [SHE] event.  

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