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Chellz Got the Gift of Gab & Glam! #MediaMagic

By: Paige K. Mitchell Working in the entertainment industry can spiral out of control. On a daily basis women in this field have to balance their calendar, interviews, shows, podcast, events, hosting, and so much more. It can become so hectic that in fact, it makes many wonder how women stay so beautiful while doing it. Well my girl Chellz Evette is an expert at balancing media and makeup! She remains flawless while on AfterBuzz, working red carpets for The Jasmine Brand, working the Cheat Code Podcast, and with IHeart Radio. “In middle school I was voted “Ambitious Actress” then in HS I wanted to become our “Rally Girl” the one who would host our high school rallies before the big game. Way before then I would watch a lot of talk shows with my mom and then pretend I was a host in my room with an audience of my stuffed animals (lol). Makeup has always been a major thing for me as well, I would watch my older sister do her makeup and sometimes steal it, (ha ha) and sneak and wear it in HS,” Chellz said. Born and raised in Lakewood, California. The media beauty became passionate about the two at a young age, and who knew these two artifacts would play such a major part in her career today? She started as an intern with IHeart Radio while in college in 2010, along with having her radio show on her college campus. An internship and hard work led to opening more doors, that led to the official start of her career. “The first red carpet I ever did for The Jasmine Brand (TBJ) was back in 2016; and that is where I had the opportunity to meet and interview Oprah at the “Greenleaf” premiere. When I got the email to cover the carpet I was home and very hesitant to go because I hadn’t done a red carpet interview in so long but it ended up working in my favor,” Chellz said. Her meeting Oprah was such a confirmation that she was pursuing passion and on the path God cleared for her because; she had Oprah on her radar and in her tweet history. Chellz said, “Oprah is definitely someone I look up to. And what’s crazy is on March of 2016 I tweeted “I can’t wait to meet Oprah, I bet she gives the best hugs” then boom June of 2016 I met her and hugged her…Affirmations are real ok! She was so candid and kind to us, she spoke so openly about what she does to channel her characters. The more she spoke to us the more comfortable I felt.” Fun Fact: Did we mention that Chellz also works for MAC?! Hard worker is an understatement! She does it all. “I don’t take myself too serious but if I can encourage just one person along the way I’m grateful because I know my work isn’t in vain and I’m walking into my purpose. I hope that people follow their dream and whatever God has placed on their heart to do no matter what it looks like you can do anything you put your mind to,” Chellz said. For more information on Chellz Evette follow her to witness all the media magic via Instagram @chellzevette.  

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