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The Millennial Millionaire Entertainer, B. Simone!

By: Paige K. Mitchell 

The Millennial Millionaire Entertainer, B. Simone! How raps, rants, and skits emerged B. Simone into a lifestyle she never imagined, as a successful female comedian. “I am a licensed cosmetologist, and have been in the field for 15 years. Prior to cosmetology, I always aimed for the spotlight but aspired to be a singer. Being a comedian came about through social media. I started posting videos of me ranting about different relatable topics- and people found me to be funny,” B. Simone said. And that’s pretty much how it all began! B. Simone has been on Instagram for roughly five years pushing her brand. Now having 2.1 million followers on Instagram. “Some people tend to think that I literally popped up on the scene, but not true. I have been consistently putting out content for years,” B. Simone said. The Dallas, TX. Native moved to ATL to chase the lights and cameras, and now she is a well-known rising woman in comedy. B. Simone along with her friends, Darren Brand from MTV Wild N’ Out and Desi Banks, B. Simone’s Instagram co-star -came together to put on the first ‘You’re My Boooyfriend’ Comedy Tour. The hilarious trio recently made their last stop in Washington DC at the City Winery on December 26, 2018. B. Simone said, “Most comedians have been practicing comedy for 10-15 years. I’ve only been doing Stan up for 11 months.” She may only be 11 months in the comedy game, but she is killing it! Practically every show was sold out during the tour. After two sold out shows in Washington DC B. Simone has officially concluded her first successful tour. She started to cry during her thank you speech at her final show. For more information on B. Simone, follow her on Instagram @TheBSimone2 #TheFemaleJamieFoxx.  

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