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Trap Karaoke Review!

Paige ‘@FrontPaigeMe’ Mitchell Story: Trap Karaoke “Trap Karaoke is like a big family reunion! From singing City Girls to Kirk Franklin to swag surfing- we had a ball,” Amanda Wilson (Pittsburgh, PA.) Trap Karaoke is a form of entertainment offered by an energetic-crowd pleasing group of hosts and DJ that travel to city to city, seeing who is brave enough to take the stage and perform their favorite trap song! In other words, it is truly ‘Blackness’ at its finest! Special celebrity guests have participated in the fun during the tour. Celebrities include; Young Dro, TI, Princess (Crime Mobb), Soulja Boy, City Girls, Wale, Yo Gotti, and more! @lowkeyuhtn and @mouse_jones had Pittsburgh going up on a Friday night when Trap Karaoke took over the August Wilson Cultural Center, Downtown Pittsburgh. Lola Sims said, “I expected to have fun, but I didn’t expect to sweat out my wrap (lol). I was singing and dancing from start to finish.” The Trap Karaoke hosts give their thoughts on the experience. @lowkeyuhtn Q&A: Q: What are your thoughts on today’s show, and the vibe of the crowd? A: The smaller crowds really help us understand what this show is really about. Pittsburgh really gave us their vibe and spirit. We were so connected, and able to reach out and touch the people. I personally enjoy the dynamic of smaller crowds because it helps us better understand where the crowd is during the course of the show. We knew when the crowd was chill, cool, hype, or ratchet. We appreciate the support, and enjoyed the show. Q: What has been the largest show Trap Karaoke has had? A: The Fillmore in Detroit was our largest crowd capacity. 3,000 people came out. Q: How did the concept of the Trap Karaoke Tour come about? A: The creator Jason, Who is a friend of mine- called me and told me how he had this dope idea and wanted me to host it. We are so appreciative and humbled by the fact that people really f*%# with us. This tour has given us the opportunity to visit cities like Memphis, Virginia, and Pittsburgh and people resonate. Q: What is a commonly requested song/artist in practically every city the tour has been to? A: Cardi B (Bodak Yellow) and Gucci Mane. More recently people have been requesting City Girls a lot. Q: Would you agree that Trap Karaoke feels like a Black family reunion? A: Yes. We just want to have fun and bring and bring that trap fun, energetic, ratchet vibe -while bringing rap, gospel, and R&B together. Sort of like those bags with shrimp, crab, sausage, and corn- we just throwing it all in there and we want to encompass it all. Q: What’s your favorite Trap song? A: Ludacris “Move B*^%# Get Out The Way!” @mouse_jones Q&A: Q: Does it ever amaze you how Black people from all over the world unify over the same songs? A: Yes, It never gets old. And it’s a reminder that we are all different but yet the same. Q: Your thoughts on your latest show. A: This was actually my 3rd/4th time in Pittsburgh and today was LIT! Y’all was good and Black today. Q: What’s your preference… smaller or bigger crowd? A: I love an intimate crowd, so this was one of my favorites. I love an intimate room because you really get the opportunity to engage. I grew up in the church, so one of my favorite parts of every show is leading the choir. It was Lit! Q: Why should people come to Trap Karaoke that never been? A: Are you Black? Do you love your mother? You sitting on the couch anyhow (lol) no, but seriously… one of the best events you’ll ever attend in your life. Q: What’s your favorite trap song? A: No Hands- Waka Flocka and Trap Star- Jeezy.  

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