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Why Day Parties & Brunch Are The New Hype!

Name: Paige K. Mitchell What to do during the summer? Where should you go while looking for a good time, and good eats? Millennials have made it clear that they love #DayParties and #Brunch! So now the question has become... where to brunch -or- where to party? “I love to eat and I love a fun party, but it’s hard narrowing down where to go,” Pittsburgh native Brittany Tunstalle said. Well #FrontPaigeNews took the road AGAIN to explore Washington D.C.’s favorite place for #DayParties. Saturday June 22, 2019 the Ozio Day Drip- Rooftop Day Party took place. #Ozio is one of Maryland’s most well known places to party during the weekend! Heavily known for its #OzioSaturdays and #OzioSundays. Ladies admitted free until 5pm. The DJ mixed and mastered songs for the culture, while touching on trap, R&B, soca, Go Go, Spanish, jersey club music, and more. Bottle girls moving from each V.I.P. section with bottles, fireworks, and confetti. The crowd went crazy when Meek Mill- Dreams and Nightmares was played by the DJ. Ozio is the #DMV meetup space where all the party people come together for a good time. The venue was filled with people from New Jersey, Baltimore, D.C., and New York. Maryland native TuTu Diablo said, “This was not my first time at Ozio, but it was my first time experiencing it with my college friends; and we had a ball!” Ozio is a Mediterranean multi-level eatery and bar. People also ate brunch at the venue enjoying; sesame chicken tenders, crabmeat cocktails, fried shrimp cocktail, and more. #FrontPaigeNews rates this day party with 4 stars, agreeing that it is a great place to party this summer.  

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