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Morgan Helps Boss Babes Bloom!

By: Paige K. Mitchell “If no one told you today, know that your dreams have the power to manifest and come true. You already have everything you need to make it. Women can be pretty and powerful. So let’s keep taking over the world,” Owner of the Morgan A. Owens Brand, Morgan said. Author, entrepreneur, and speaker; Morgan Angelique Owens, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio recently blazed her trail into the streets of Pittsburgh for the Hustle Her Way Conference 2019. Conference attendees were instantly drawn to her as she took the stage to speak about her journey, and how her business has tremendously grown in ways she never knew possible. “God’s timing is everything. What he has for me, will be. I just have to keep doing my part,” Morgan said. Morgan was featured in Sheen Magazine, Voyage ATL, and spoke at Yale; just to name a few. During the conference she planted seeds, showing babes how to bloom within their business endeavors. Educating the audience on strategic planning, branding foundations, creative content, websites, and setting revenue goals. Morgan said, “Brand like a boss!” Through workshops, speaking events, tools, and books- Morgan travels the world to talk about health & wellness, financial guidance, overcoming community/racial obstacles, Brand building, and community & economic empowerment “Staying in my lane, building my brand. While trying to help others feel empowered from the inside out,” Morgan said. And Morgan truly walks it like she talks it! One of the many ways she celebrates and empowers women is through her ‘Curvy Cardio’ classes. Where she creates a safe, fun, and high energy space where women embrace who they are and promote healthiness. Morgan is currently on her way to Black Girl Magic Headquarters- Essence Festival, so she is intentional about sprinkling her sparkle everywhere! The Morgan A. Owens Brand is Paige Approved!

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