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One thing everyone knows about me, is that I love to travel. I would travel practically every week if I had the funds to do so. Does not matter where (but with the exception of a few places lol)… you name it, I’m down to ride or fly! I’ve been blessed to see some beautiful places. However, one trip that stands out was when I went to Las Vegas for my cousin’s 23rd birthday.

The trip was awesome! It was epic and unforgettable from beginning to end. Looking back on the trip I feel like we practically stayed up and partied for four days straight. I jokingly tell people that the trip felt like I was trapped in the Project X Movie, but I’m serious. We hopped from party to party, venue to venue to venue, and V.I.P. section to V.I.P. section. Another important detail that people know about me is that I’m a huge Trey Songz and Kevin Hart fan. I absolutely love them. And during a night we were in a taxi cab, a commercial ran promoting that Trey Songz was going to be performing at club Drais. I instantly began to lose my mind. We had to go!

The next night we went to the party where Trey Songz performed live in front of hundreds of people. We got as close to the stage as we possibly could. Towards the end of his performance Trey Songz began to pick different women out throughout the crowd to pull on stage. My first thought was… “Girl this is your moment to meet Trey.” Unfortunately I wasn’t picked, but my cousin was. She was the last girl selected to come on stage. At this point we are frantic and shuffling through the crowd to get to the stage, but we couldn’t manage to get on the stage. There was too many people in the way, and the stage was much too high, and there was no way my cousin was about to meet Trey Songz without me (Ha Ha). So as we are at the head of the stage struggling to climb up in dresses and heels, Trey Songz’ friend/manager (I’m not sure what his official title was) but he walked over to us both and told us to wait for him backstage.

After shaking a few security guards and sneaking around the facility we manage to get backstage. The same guy came to meet us and check on us several times and brought us drinks as we waited to be backstage with Trey Songz. Ten minutes turned into twenty minutes, that turned into about forty minutes. Next thing you know, the club lights turned on and the party was over. We got played, and never met Trey Songz. Didn’t even catch a glimpse of him. So the moral of the story is we went through all that, for nothing lol. Moment I will never forget.

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