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Kylie Stores Releases New Book! "Her Story. His Story"

From being an abandoned child, to an adopted African American girl, to a college graduate, to a Registered Traveling Nurse, published author, to a young woman who would soon be re-connected her birth father...

Kylie Stores is a woman of many different hats, and is by far one of the most compelling people I know. It's impossible to turn a blind eye to her, because her smile and her story lights up an entire room. And recently Ms. Stores released her second book; which is in collaboration with her birth father, Olu Aderibigbe.

The book is entitled, "Her Story. His Story."

Ms. Stores connected with her father a year ago, and the two instantly hit it off. Today being practically inseparable.

As I'm sure you would assume, Ms. Stores had many questions. Why and How? What would make you have the nerve to walk away from a child you never gave a chance? How did you sleep at night knowing you had a daughter out there living her life without you? Well these questions were answered, and emotions were shared. And in the midst of the two connecting and building their relationship they decided to document their journey and turn it into a published book.

Giving us all the opportunity to be a part of their heart warming journey.

Ms. Stores said, "Out of all my books I will publish this will probably be my favorite because I never thought that I would meet my biological father and write a book with him. This is everything. Let God do the amazing in your life. You don't want to miss this story."

Ms. Stores first published book is entitled, "God Set Me Up" which is also available on online stores.

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