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Detroit, Michigan Rap Artist Loui Bandz Breaks Internet

Upcoming rapper Loui Bandz, based in Detroit Michigan was stabbed in his arm during the month of July

in 2016. A week after the stabbing, Loui Bandz released a music visual and incorporated a clip from

when he was stabbed into the music video.

Loui Bandz was severely stabbed, and survived the tragic ordeal! While also managing to record much of

the occurrence.

The raw video footage caused the music video to hit over 1K the first night.

Since the posting of the music visual for “Dim The Lights,” Loui Bandz has continued to keep the music

momentum going while staying committed to putting out his music.

He recently released the “Quiet Storm” freestyle via YouTube, which also quickly received thousands of

views. The rap artist demonstrates his rapping technique to Mobb Deep’s Quiet Storm. The song which

was also made popular again by rapper, Young M.A.

Loui Bandz is a rap artist that embraces lyrically releasing his thoughts, and doesn’t shy away from

speaking his truth. His music is definitely something many young men can relate to.

“When you know your worth and what you’re worth, it’s only a matter of time. I’m like the Kanye of my

city. Local artist call me for their videos, album art, engineering, and features. I dropped one song this

year and it hit 20,000 views in a week, so imagine what my next songs are about to do. And that was

rushed. I have so much fire about to drop, it’s a wave on the way,” Loui Bandz said.

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