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Why is My Hair Not on My Head?! #PressPassWithPaige

By: Paige K. Mitchell There’s no other way to say this, than to say it! Do you wear wigs, or ponytails? If you haven’t recently, maybe you did so in the past. If so, you can relate to this story. One of the main reasons women shy away from wearing wigs and clip on ponytails is because they are afraid that they will easily come off, and that they will become embarrassed. Throughout my days of wearing weave and extensions, I have tried it all. But in the midst of being so daring I have had my share of some embarrassing hair stories. Take a listen... A week ago. Myself, my mother, and best friend Kia went to Orlando, Florida to have fun and of course do some media coverage. We stayed in Florida for four days, and one of the days during our trip we decided to go to a water park called, ‘Aquatica.’ The water park was fun. But there is one slide in particular I will never forget. There was a slide that was 20 feet tall. We had to climb a massive amount of steps just to get to the top. And at the top of the slide, you enter the slide standing straight up. Then a door closes behind you and locks you in. While inside you will hear a voice counting down until the floor beneath you opens and you drop down traveling at high speed on the body water slide. All three of us were excited but yet frightened to ride. My mother ended up punking’ out and took a different water slide down. I decided to slide down first. It was fun and exhilarating. I quickly jumped out and waited for my mom and Kia to come down. Kia came down, and then my mom. My mom stood up but I quickly noticed something wasn’t right with my mom’s appearance. MY MOM HAD LOST HER PONYTAIL ON THE WATER SLIDE! I quickly ran over while laughing hysterically. The ponytail came down the slide about two minutes later after her and we all went to the bathroom as she put it back on. A moment we won’t forget.  

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