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Get Fit With This Chick! #OsFitness

By: Paige Mitchell Spring finally sprung last week, which means we are so close to summer 2018! Everyone is gearing up for fun in the sun, beach bum life, vacations, swimsuits, and more! Summer is a great time of year, but it’s also the time of year people start running to the gym to get their bodies in shape for that swimsuit or new outfit they can’t wait to wear. Ophelia, the face and founder of “O’s Fitness,” recently became Front Paige News, and stopped by to give us all the details on her boot camp and journey to being a fitness trainer. “My degree is in accounting, I love numbers, but I love this more! I walked away from a career in accounting to pursue this full time,” Ophelia said. March 23, 2018 Ophelia held her, O’s Fitness boot camp at Cross Fit Pittsburgh in East Liberty. The camp began at 2pm and was sponsored by Reset Fitness. “I feel so good right now. I’m finally stepping out to do my fitness thing. I’m just getting started, but I feel like I have such a long journey ahead,” Ophelia said. During the boot camp Ophelia focused on hip cardio, body weight, glut workouts, and push ups. She also talks about her key components of what she feels helps us eat healthier; by consuming complex carbs, veggies, and protein. “At the age of 16, I remember I was working at McDonald’s and I was 260lbs. The doctor told me I was pretty much obese, and on the verge of having diabetes and high blood pressure. So at that moment I knew I had do so something. I lost 70 pounds. And I just kept working out and doing my thing. I didn’t give being a trainer too much thought until a woman approached me in the gym asking for my help,” Ophelia said. To date, Ophelia has the body of a goddess and the body many women in 2018 pay for. “For those who who are considering making the lifestyle change but don’t know where to start, I encourage you to first start drinking a gallon of water per day. Sugar highly impacts our weight loss and gain. And don’t be intimidated by the gym or lifting weights. I believe in weight training, it helps shape your body,” Ophelia said. Her first boot camp was a success and she is already planning to hold more. On more information on O So Fit, Ophelia Follow Her @O_Soo_Fit. Fitness Tip From Ophelia: It’s better to have a cheat meal than to have an entire cheat day! And if your looking for a sweet healthy snack, O says GNC Quest protein bars are cookies are good.  

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