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The NOT so Weird Chef. #ChefWierdo

By: Paige Mitchell Nathan Akeem better known as - Chef Wierdo is known for several different things. You may recognize him for his edgy sense of style-green hair, his genuine down to earth personality, or his skillful technique in the kitchen- either way Chef Wierdo is bringing a new, fun, and healthy feel to the dinner table. Chef Wierdo is a Vegan culinary artist, that creatively and delicately creates flavorful dishes. And YES, his name is Wierdo- but there is definitely nothing weird about him nor his dishes. Many have considered or reverted to becoming a vegan after indulging in his masterpieces he calls, recipes. From homemade guacamole, chicken nugget buffalo styled cauliflower, stir fry, trippy tots, and more; Signature Chef Wierdo’s dishes have left his audiences in shock with the enormous burst of exquisite flavor in every bite. “I pull my inspiration from wanting people to still experience good food. Healthy meals should be enjoyed just as much as that fried high calorie stuff we are used to,” Chef Said. 24-year Old Chef Wierdo began cooking at the age of 10. Chef battled with being overweight, low self esteem, and finding a healthier lifestyle, so he turned to becoming a vegan. “I literally thought I wouldn’t be able to live without chicken, much like many people who shy away from the change”’Chef Wierdo Said. Change not only took place within his personal eating habits, but in his career too. Today Chef Wierdo is the Head Chef Of #Eat2Live, and is known for hosting private parties in Atlanta and New York; having the opportunity to serve leaders and celebrities with his vegan dishes. “My ideal celebrity to cook for would be Rihanna. She’s a Queen and a boss. I just love what she represents and it would be an honor to cook for her one day,” Chef said. He recently had an event in New York on May 4th of 2018 where the hottest food journalist and influencers came together for a good time and great food. “The difference between me and other Chefs is that I truly bust my a**! And I’m not pushy. I let my food do the talking. I work so hard for this, and I hope that my passion shows up in the food that I prepare.I love food and flavor. I love doing what I do, and I dare anyone that has a dream to keep dreaming. And don’t stop until that dream comes to past,” Chef Wierdo Said.  

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