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Hustle Your Way Into Endless Possibilities! #HustleHerWay

Name: Paige K. Mitchell An atmosphere full of passionate, bubbly, driven, and determined women; otherwise known as the #HustleHerWay Summit took place on June 28th & 29th of 2019. Women gathered to network, take notes, and engage in an experience that LinkedIn can’t provide. “I want to thank everyone whom attended the 2019 Hustle HER Way Summit! You’ve made a decision to invest in yourself and I’m proud of you. But what’s really important is to take action afterwards. Review your notes, create a 90 day plan, and map out everything you learned,” Kyshira S. Moffett, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Creator of Hustle Her Way said. Women from Pittsburgh, Chicago, Philadelphia, Ohio, Atlanta, and the Caribbean gathered in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA. to learn more about how to be booked and busy, increase financial gain, build social media buzz, staying stylish, side hustles, the werk & slay, and of course more need to know topics I won’t elaborate on if you missed out! The award winning entrepreneur and author, Kyshira is passionate about being a busy bombshell that means business! So much so that she created ‘Hustle Her Way’ to enlighten and provide insight for women and their businesses. As a brand strategists, she is strategic about touching the lives of other entrepreneurs. Jasmene Bowdry, Vivian Kaye, Zii Davis, LaTasha Carr, Rosezena Pierce, Jasmine Womack, Shawna Solomon, Madonna Awotwi, Marjoreatta Coles, Brit Lashae, Uzoma Obidike, Tequilla White, Candace White, Gabrielle Leonard, Minda Harts, Kimberly Cummings, Morgan Owens, and Candace Holyfield. Attendees took the time to soak up all the knowledge from the experts. During each discussion, you couldn’t help but hear the sound of notebook paper and pens in the process of taking notes. Panel discussions would not had been the same without the perfectly picked moderators that took the stage during the weekend; Priya Amin, Mercedes Williams, Kayla King Scott, Deasha Lynn Carter, and Sonita Bell. “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” Kyshira said. “Hustle. Pray. Plan. Repeat. I’m so ready to put my business plan into action,” attendee Raynesha Hart said. Some say that women are challenging and in constant competition, but this summit laid those negative notions aside. In the process of climbing the mountain of success, it’s important to invest in yourself and others. Don’t panic if your dreams are frightening. They should scare you, because if they don’t you’re not dreaming big enough. So after this conference, attendees should be ready to spread their wings and fly. This has been a Paige approved event!  

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